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This is one of my favorite projects - my glass painted Bird House window.  In this whimsical painting I used 2 different mediums to create a 3 dimensional look.  Acrylic paint is the main medium and then I used 1/8" baltic birch pieces cut out to enhance parts of the painting.  For example - if you look at the painted fence it is cut out of wood and so are a few of the daisys but the rest of the daisies are painted on the window. The birdhouses also have some cut wood pieces glued on.  All the bees are cut from wood.  I use an epoxy glue for permanent adhesion and all the wood pieces are sealed and the entire window painting is sealed with my all purpose sealant.


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"Lady Liberty" Yard Art

Lady Liberty Yard Art from 4th of July section in Etsy Shop -


Angry Bird Wall Painting - 11' by 8'

I painted this wall for a sweet little 5 yr old boy - he loves Angry Birds. This particular wall I cut some of the birds and all the piggies from 1/8" wood, painted and attached to the wall.  The rest of the mural is handpainted.  This is the style I normally like to use - guess you could call it my signature style :)