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  • Cheryle (Monday, April 20 15 09:01 am EDT)

    It is has been way too long since posting!! I couldn\'t be happier with how the business is growing. I have added so many new pieces and many custom orders :) I need to update the site with a lot of
    the new things. Check out my Etsy shop for pricing or contact me if you are interested in something.

  • Cheryle (Saturday, January 25 14 10:36 am EST)

    The 3 BIG holidays are past but I am still busy as ever!!! Cherables has been as busy as ever and I couldn't be happier :) Really glad I am retired or I would still be keeping my crazy hours and
    getting no sleep. I am working on new projects - Yard Art! I am now making wood pieces to decorate your yard. Currently working on a Valentine order for a customer. I will post the pictures as soon
    as they are done.

  • Cheryle (Thursday, December 26 13 08:30 pm EST)

    I am RETIRED!! The Holidays were good and Etsy shop was busy :) I am already working on Valentine projects and some new home décor items. Keep checking back and take a look at my Etsy shop.
    www.etsy.com - Cherables

  • Cheryle (Tuesday, October 29 13 06:17 pm EDT)

    Halloween is around the corner and we are now in the busiest time of year for a crafter. Etsy shop has been steady. Working full time does put a crimp in my painting time but that won't be a problem
    for long :) I am officially retiring in December and I can devote my time to my painting. I can't wait. I have so many ideas that I want to get started on, just need the time. I don't know if anyone
    ever reads my blogs but keep posted and I will be sharing some of my ideas soon.

  • Cheryle (Monday, August 12 13 03:30 pm EDT)

    August is here already - time to start the Fall and Halloween displays. I have added some new Fall and Halloween pieces. I have them displayed under products and they are posted in my Etsy shop for
    purchase. I am still working on a few more pieces and then it is on to Christmas projects :) I am currently having a 1 year Anniversary Sale in the shop - 10% off the purchase of 1 item. Sale ends
    8/22/13 - check it out!!

  • Cheryle (Thursday, June 27 13 11:22 am EDT)

    I can not believe it is June already! I have introduced a few new things - my Garden Vegetable sticks - Welcome bunny with hands. Check them out in the Products :) I am still working on the children
    giraffe line. Never seems to be enough time to do all that I want to do. 4th of July is fast approaching and I had some great input from my daughter that I created. Check out the America blocks - her
    idea and I must say I really like them. She loves them. She also is the one that asked me to make vegetable garden sticks. Those came out pretty sute too! I even had a customer order an eggplant and
    okra one. That was so awesome! Now I am going to get busy with the upcoming holidays. So keep an eye out for new things!

  • Cheryle (Friday, April 05 13 10:56 am EDT)

    It is fast approaching a year since I opened my Etsy account and created my website. I am happy to say that the business has been increasing every month. I have met some awesome customers who are
    repeats and created a great rapport. I so enjoy my Etsy site and the way they handle their vendors. My first tax year and all the tools they provided made gathering the information pleasant and not
    hair pulling eXperience :) Just a heads up but I am going to be working on creating a couple pieces or decorative furniture. Ideas are always popping in my head :) A children's giraffe line of
    things. So keep checking back!

  • Cheryle (Sunday, March 17 13 02:55 pm EDT)

    UPdate - I recently participated in a Craft Show - Sew Funky Market. My first craft show and it was a great experience. I met some wonderful crafters - check out the web site -
    www.sewfunkymartket.com - to see some of their stuff or visit their web site posted. It was a great networking place as well. I met some really wonderful customers and lots of them took my business
    cards. Hopefully I will get visits :)

  • Cheryle (Monday, February 25 13 10:38 am EST)

    Just thought I would share that I will be participating in a Craft Show in Corona on March 16, 2013. It is located at McKinley Crossroads Shopping Center in Corona and is sponsored by Sew Funky
    Market. Time is from 9 am to 6 pm. If you mention my web site and that you have visited - give me this password - Scotty - I will give you a 10% discount. Hope I see some of you there.

  • Cheryle (Monday, February 18 13 12:33 am EST)

    WOW! Over 400 views. That is 200 views in just over a month :). If you visit my site and use my links to visit my Etsy shop I would love to know :)

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"Lady Liberty" Yard Art

Lady Liberty Yard Art from 4th of July section in Etsy Shop -

Visit https://www.etsy.com/listing/285785731/miss-liberty-wood-yard-art-decoration?ref=shop_home_active_2

Angry Bird Wall Painting - 11' by 8'

I painted this wall for a sweet little 5 yr old boy - he loves Angry Birds. This particular wall I cut some of the birds and all the piggies from 1/8" wood, painted and attached to the wall.  The rest of the mural is handpainted.  This is the style I normally like to use - guess you could call it my signature style :)